Woodbridge BookshopIndependent bookshop in Suffolk

Welcome to Woodbridge Emporium, a Woodbridge Bookshop, home of awesome books and gifts. Woodbridge Emporium is an Independent Bookshop in Suffolk.

BooksThe go to place in Woodbridge to buy books

Immerse yourself in a superb book and transport yourself to a magical happy world! Don’t forget to check out #ReadingWithJules if you want some ideas of what books to read or to buy as gifts. Jules gives her opinion on books she has enjoyed.

We have a special team of Booksellers and Teasmiths who are waiting to help you on your escapism journey by offering you Tea and Book Pairing, Subscription Tea and Books, Exclusive Deals, Members-Only Discounts and Freebies plus lots more.

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  • Jan 21

    Bookshop Jules LIVE Presented by Jules

    • 21/01/2022 19:00