Woodbridge Emporium is an Independent Bookshop and Tea Emporium and we want you to:  Read Books ~ Drink Tea ~ Be Happy!

Our Mission is to get you to relax with a proper cup of tea and immerse yourself in a superb book, transporting you to a magical happy world where everything is Teatastic and Booklicious.  How will we do that you may ask, well, we have the power to stimulate your mind and tantalise your taste buds with our hand picked books and passionately blended teas. We have a special team of Booksellers and Teasmiths who are waiting to help you on your escapism journey by offering you Tea and Book Pairing, Subscription Tea and Books, Exclusive Deals, Members Only Discounts and Freebies plus lots more.  So without further ado, we invite you to explore our online Books, Teas and Gifts and start your *Happiness Journey*