Who’d Have Thought It

Christine Webber

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A year after discovering that her husband no longer loves her, Dr Annie Templeton wakes up with a sudden relish for singledom. However, she soon realises that being single in your fifties is very different from being single in your twenties. How, she wonders, do people of my age – with careers, adult children doing unwise things with unwise people, parents going gaga, and friends falling ill, or in or out of love – ever have the time and energy to find a new partner? Who’d Have Thought It? is a romantic comedy, which will make you laugh and cry – often at the same time.

About The Author

Christine Webber originally trained as an opera singer but had to re-think her career plans when her voice professor told her: ‘Your voice is OK, but your legs are very much better!’
Musical theatre beckoned. There was some success. But not much.

In 1979, she became a news presenter for Anglia TV. At last she had found something she enjoyed that other people thought she was good at. It was such a happy relief that she stayed for 12 years. Towards the end of that period, In Honour Bound, her first novel, was published.

After leaving Anglia Television, she became an agony aunt and wrote for a wide range of publications including TV Times, Best, BBC Parenting, TV Quick and The Scotsman. Her favourite column, for Woman magazine, was called Sexplanations! She also regularly broadcast advice on Trisha, The Good Sex Guide …Late and from the BBC’s Breakfast sofa.

During her ‘problem page’ years, she decided to train as a psychotherapist – and this led to her having a practice in Harley Street.

Having written twelve non-fiction books including How to Mend a Broken Heart and Too Young to Get Old, and ghosted a couple of celebrity books, she decided to return to writing fiction.
Since 2016, she has published two novels for mid-life readers called Who’d Have Thought It? and It’s Who We are. She has also revamped her first novel, a somewhat racy read about a television presenter in the 1980s. She refuses to be drawn about whether or not this book, still titled In Honour Bound, is autobiographical!

She is currently writing another novel about three women in their sixties at crisis points in their lives, which promises to be the usual ‘Webber mix’ of fun, laughter and tears.

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