UFO Cow Abduction : Beam Up Your Bovine (With Light and Sound!) (Mixed Media Product)Matt SmiriglioUFOs

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  • 32 Pages / Published 25 Apr 2019
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This out-of-this-world kit is loaded with special effects! It includes:-3-inch diameter spaceship, equipped with a hinged cockpit dome from which a curious alien peers, and featuring multiple light and sound effects:By opening the cockpit dome and pressing the alien’s head, sound of spaceship engine plays, followed by eerie pre-abduction music. Six blue lights around the spaceship flash in rotation. Additionally, two bright LED lights beneath the ship glow, casting a beam of light in search of a specimen to abduct.

When the spaceship is hovered in close proximity to the cow, a magnetically powered “abduction” occurs which simultaneously prompts new light and sound effects. Lights beneath the ship flash and music changes to a pulsating sound with intermittent cow mooing. When cow is abducted and alien head is pressed again, sound of the spaceship flying away plays, concluding your invasion and shutting off the spaceship.-Miniature cow and faux grass mound-Transparent display stand to hover spaceship over cow when not invading the countryside-48-page book, The Cow Abduction Chronicles, featuring full-color illustrations

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25 Apr 2019

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Matt Smiriglio




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