The ScribblerIain Maitland

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“He’s back, Carrie. The Scribbler is back.” DI Gayther and his rookie colleague DC Carrie have been assigned a new caseload. Or rather, an old one…

cold murder cases of LGBTQ+ victims.Georgia Carrie wasn’t even born when the notorious serial killer began his reign of terror across the East of England, but Roger Gayther was on the force that failed to catch him and remembers every chilling detail. Back in the Eighties, Gayther’s team hadn’t been assigned sufficient resources. But now, after all these years, there’s a sudden death featuring The Scribbler’s tell-tale modus operandi.

Gayther and Carrie have to find and bring him to justice to stop the killing once and for all.

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Thu May 07 00:00:00 BST 2020

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