The Happy Hedgerow (Hardback)Elena MannionNature & Wildlife

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Nestled in the countryside, lies a barley field surrounded by hedgerows and woods. Old Oak stands amidst his own beloved hedgerow, which teems with contented wildlife. One day the farmer decides to get rid of one of the hedgerows: the old Oak watches in sorrow as his dear friend Beech’s hedgerow is pulled up and destroyed.

Now the soil dribbles down the hill when it rains, and the wind blows away the top soil. The crops will no longer thrive in this huge new field. But hope is returned when a new farmer comes to plant saplings one cold winter morning.

By showing children just how empty our countryside would be without these wonderful, ancient habitats, the story engenders a lasting affection and appreciation of our hedgerows. Illustrated in a charming style, with accurate details of flora and fauna.

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Pikku Publishing

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Elena Mannion






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