The Frozen Unicorn (Paperback / Softback)Alice HemmingFolklore, Myths & Legends

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  • 384 Pages / Published 6 Jan 2022
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From Alice Hemming, the bestselling author of The Midnight Unicorn, comes an exciting unicorn fairytale in the Dark Unicorns series. If you thought you’d heard every fairy tale, then think again… Long ago, a cruel winter plagued the land and people started to mysteriously disappear.

A girl called Violet heard all the stories and the rumours that an evil unicorn was behind it all. Years later, when a terrible winter descends once more. Violet’s True Love, Nicolas, goes missing.

Realising that the old stories must be true, Violet embarks on a risky journey to the far North, not only leaving behind her home but her family and wealth too. The journey will push her to her limits, yet she will also find help, friendship and comfort in the most unlikely places. And one thing is for sure: Nicolas is out there and he needs Violet’s help.

But how long will he survive in the bitter cold of winter? Enchanting dark fairy tales with magical unicorns, fearsome villains and inspiring heroines Perfect for fans of Skandar and the Unicorn Thief Great for people who love fairy tales, Disney and unicorns DARK UNICORNS – COLLECT THEM ALL! The Midnight Unicorn Paperback eBook The Darkest Unicorn Paperback eBook The Cursed Unicorn Paperback eBook The Blazing Unicorn Paperback eBook The Frozen Unicorn Paperback eBook

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Alice Hemming




Paperback / softback


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