The Burning Girls (Hardback)C.J. Tudor

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The darkly compelling new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Chalk Man, The Taking of Annie Thorne and The Other People, soon to be a major TV series ‘Hypnotic and horrifying . . .

Without doubt her best yet, The Burning Girls left me sleeping with the lights on’ CHRIS WHITAKER, bestselling author of Waterstones Thriller of the Month We Begin at the End ‘A gothic, spine-tingling roller-coaster of a story . . .

CJ Tudor is a master of horror’ C.J. COOKE, author of The Nesting______ 500 years ago: eight martyrs were burnt to death 30 years ago: two teenagers vanished without trace Two months ago: the vicar committed suicide Welcome to Chapel Croft. For Rev Jack Brooks and teenage daughter Flo it’s supposed to be a fresh start.

New job, new home. But, as Jack knows, the past isn’t easily forgotten. And in a close-knit community where the residents seem as proud as they are haunted by Chapel Croft’s history, Jack must tread carefully.

Ancient superstitions as well as a mistrust of outsiders will be hard to overcome. Yet right away Jack has more frightening concerns. Why is Flo plagued by visions of burning girls? Who’s sending them sinister, threatening messages? And why did no one mention that the last vicar killed himself? Chapel Croft’s secrets lie deep and dark as the tomb.

Jack wouldn’t touch them if not for Flo – anything to protect Flo. But the past is catching up with Chapel Croft – and with Jack. For old ghosts with scores to settle will never rest .

. . ______’Tudor operates on the border between credulity and disbelief, creating an atmosphere of menace’ Sunday Times ‘A mesmerising and atmospheric page-turner, with plenty of shocks and a surprise twist for a finale.

Her best novel yet’ Sunday Express ‘The best book yet from C. J. Tudor’ Best Praise for C.

J. Tudor: ‘C. J.

Tudor is terrific. I can’t wait to see what she does next’ Harlan Coben ‘Britain’s female Stephen King’ Daily Mail ‘A mesmerizingly chilling and atmospheric page-turner’ J.P. Delaney ‘Her books have the ability to simultaneously make you unable to stop reading while wishing you could bury the book somewhere deep underground where it can’t be found.

Compelling and haunting’ Sunday Express ‘Some writers have it, and some don’t. C. J.

Tudor has it big time’ Lee Child ‘A dark star is born’ A. J. Finn

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