Spirit Junkie : A 52-Card Deck

Gabrielle Bernstein


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52 energetically charged cards featuring beautiful watercolor illustrations and empowering messages to provide divine guidance, inspiration, and support as you strengthen your spiritual connection. A Spirit Junkie is someone who fully embraces their unique gifts and uses them to be a force for good in the world. When we love and accept ourselves, we shine brightly-and that energy radiates outward, encouraging others to do the same.

These cards will guide and uplift you on your journey to living an inspired life. Let them support you as you release old fears and patterns, step into your power, and choose love. Each message brings you back to the truth: that you can find grace in every challenge, that miracles are available to you in every moment, and that you already have within you everything you need to shine.

When we honor our inner light, we light up the world.

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Hay House Inc


Hay House Inc

Date of Publication

27 Oct 2020

By (author)

Gabrielle Bernstein