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Angela Young

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What happens to families and relationships when people find it impossible to say the words, ”I love you”?

When love is not spoken about, a hole is created into which memories, happiness, relationships, trust and eventually people fall into. Mothers fail daughters, who then find themselves failing their own mothers. Parents abandon children through fear; husbands desert wives.

However, this is not an heroic tale or a memoir of devastation, but an everyday tale of loss and recovery. It takes a special event, a mother’s first public speaking event since her breakdown, for the years of silence to make way for reconciliation. Silence can be a deathly force but the power of a whisper acknowledging love and acceptance is far greater.

This novel shares the importance of literary expression and creativity for overcoming fears and doubts and should be instrumental to book groups.

”It’s a novel suffused with a love of storytelling, and a warmth that makes it a pleasure to read.” – The Daily Mail, 8th February 2008

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Beautiful Books Limited


Beautiful Books Limited

Date of Publication

7 Feb 2008

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Angela Young


356, Illustrations


Paperback / softback