Ritual Yearbook: 365 Simple Daily Practices to Boost Happiness & FulfilmentTheresa Cheung

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A ritual is any action we take that has meaning beyond its appearance; by giving an action intention it becomes ‘sacred’ and purposeful. The absence of significant ceremony in our lives has left us feeling disconnected, confused and alone Rituals and ceremony allow us to be present in the now, focus on the future and provide us with closure on the past, they return us to what matters. Drawing on science and psychology, Theresa Cheung’s 365 non-denominational rituals will help anyone to transform their lives.

Split into four sections, the book begins with 21 simple foundation rituals to help you ground your daily practice. The second and largest section is broken down into 4 areas: Body, Mind, Spirit and Heart. Each containing 74 rituals, some simple and some more complex.

Choose thearea you feel you want to focus on and follow the rituals in sequence or chose as you wish. The third section has a four-week programme focussing on success and broken down week-by-week and the final section contains 21 closing rituals. For those wanting a year long programme the book can be used day-by-day or alternatively choose a ritual at random.

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