Mountwood School for GhostsToby Ibbotson

  • 272 Pages / Published Thu Sep 10 00:00:00 BST 2015
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Fredegonda, Goneril, and Drusilla are Great Hagges, much more important and much rarer than regular old hags. They think that ghosts these days are decidedly lacking and that people haven’t been scared of ghosts for years. So one day they decide that something needs to change – it’s time for these ghosts to learn a thing or two about being scary.

And what better way to teach them than to set up their very own school for ghosts?Mountwood School for Ghosts is a funny ghost story from Toby Ibbotson, son of award-winning author Eva Ibbotson, based on an idea conceived by Eva Ibbotson, with a cover by Alex T. Smith. Now in paperback.

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Thu Sep 10 00:00:00 BST 2015

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Toby Ibbotson




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