Merry Kissmas Fruit Tisane




Merry Kissmas Fruit Tisane

This festive infusion is perfect for family gatherings and parties.

Its ingredients include cranberry slices, apple cubes, mistletoe, star anise, cinnamon rods, blackberry leaves and safflower. Combined, these wonderful herbs and fruit make a match made in heaven. What could be better at Christmas? And even after the season of giving, this delectable beverage continues to do wonders.

An autumnal brew with fruity-tangy flavours. Bright red cranberry slices, cinnamon rods and star anise sweeten the darker evenings. Why not already chance a hidden kiss underneath the mistletoe?

An ideal warm drink for children and an alternative to Mulled Wine.

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Additional information

Type of Tea

Fruit Tisane (Tea)


cranberry slices, apple cubes, mistletoe, star aniseed, cinnamon rods, blackberry leaves, safflower

Brew Time

8-12 mins


98 c

Other Info

Naturally Caffeine Free

Product Weight

50gm, 100gm, 200gm