Love Spells: Rituals, spells and potions to spark your romantic life

Semra Haksever


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Hardie Grant (UK)
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In Love Spells, Semra Haksever introduces readers to simple magic and rituals for giving their love life a spiritual boost. This book will teach you how to tap into your spiritual self to visualise and manifest the love life you desire. Modern magic is all about self-care and using your inner power to make positive changes in your life, cleanse, and heal.

Love is the key, and Semra will teach readers how to weave bespoke spells designed to attract the perfect lover, get your crush to call, or give you extra oomph in the bedroom. Blend oils to increase your sexual appetite, whip up a tea to mend a broken heart, or use a candle manifestation to bring love and positivity into your life. With chapters covering spells for Relationships, Friendship, Sex, Self-Love and Tainted Love, the love you desire in all aspects of your life is at your fingertips.

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Hardie Grant (UK)

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Semra Haksever