Impossible Truths : Amazing Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact (Paperback / Softback)Erich von DanikenUFOs

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“Von Daniken writes and theorizes compellingly, giving pause to even the most rigid of skeptics, and the more than 150 colour photographs only enhance the dreamy experience of letting one’s imagination go along for the ride.” Foreword Magazine Why do flying machines and astronauts appear in the artworks and sacred texts of all ancient cultures? What is the meaning of the immense earth drawings, impossible to view from the ground, that can be found all over the globe? How could prehistoric cultures have engraved diorite and other hard rock with such incredible precision without the use of modern tools? In this mind-bending new book, Erich von Daniken draws on his latest research to update his astounding theory that the inhabitants of other planets have kept in contact with humankind since the earliest times. * Assess for yourself the stunning visual evidence presented in some 200 photographs. * Examine previously unpublished testimony from expert informants.

* Discover new research undertaken by von Daniken after the opening up of previously inaccessible regions, such as the jungle city “Buritaca 200” in Colombia.

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Paperback / softback


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