House English Breakfast Blend Tea

One of our best selling teas. Our House English Breakfast Tea is a lovely broken leaf, for a quick morning brew. However, Can be consumed any time of the day and is best served with a splash of milk.

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House English Breakfast Tea is for all those tea drinkers who enjoy a strong morning brew. Select broken teas from Assam and Sumatra form the basis for an extremely economical quality which strongly reminds of East Frisian blends. Also a marvelously dark infusion with a malty spiciness, which is best when it is consumed with a dash of milk or cream. Excellent choice to help ween off yucky teabags. One of Woodbridge Emporium best selling loose leaf teas.

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Type of Tea



Black Tea

Brew Time

3-5 mins


90 c

Product Weight

50gm, 100gm, 200gm