England’s Villages : An Extraordinary Journey Through Time (Paperback / Softback)Dr Ben Robinson

  • Paperback / Softback
  • 432 Pages / Published 23 Jun 2022
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THE STUNNING NEW BOOK FROM THE HOST OF BBC 2’S VILLAGES BY THE SEAEngland’s villages have survived, developed, and thrived over hundreds of years. But what makes a village and how has that changed over time? Take a charming and unexpected journey through the quirks of England’s villages throughout the ages in the excellent company of Dr Ben Robinson, expert archaeologist. Join him in visiting villages from prehistoric, to Roman, to medieval times, all the way through to today’s modern, urban villages.

Discover how landowners, governments and communities have shaped villages, why village greens, village pubs and village halls exist, and the real meaning behind names like Bunny, Yelling, Lover, Great Snoring and Slaughter. A compelling study of archaeology, history and architecture, England’s Villages is a thoughtful, enlightening and informative look at our oldest homes, uncovering and revealing the extraordinary heritage of the places that surround us.

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23 Jun 2022

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Dr Ben Robinson




Paperback / softback


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