Churchill's Secretary: The War in Her WordsElizabeth Nel

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After four and a half years spent recording the dictation of one of history’s greatest leaders, Elizabeth Nel decided to record events in her own words. At first resisted by Churchill, her astonishing memoir was eventually published in 1958. Following an idyllic childhood in Canada, Elizabeth Nel moves across the world to complete a secretarial course in London, and is soon summoned for duty at Number 10 Downing Street.

After a trying introduction to the world of wartime government, Elizabeth finds herself accompanying the Prime Minister on increasingly significant journeys, first on his regular trips to Chequers, and later internationally, to Washington, Russia and Greece. Nel’s stark and revealing prose illuminates life in wartime Britain, particularly for working women, who were both heavily relied upon and often overlooked. Churchill’s Secretary is a fascinating tale of tirelessness and tenacity in the face of national adversity.

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