Ayurvedic Energizing Turmeric Tea – Kapha Tea Blend


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The strong spices make this the most intense composition of our Ayurveda herbal blends, the turmeric root, which is a vital part of Indian herbal practice and provides the distinctive flavour. Only six ingredients are the basis of this powerful drink. The turmeric root, which is an important part of Indian life, provides the distinctive flavour (But does not taste like curry!). Other ingredients also have a synergy spiciness and vitalising effects. A real energy drink without caffeine.
• Our Turmeric Tea produces a light, easy drinkable liquor.
• We suggest 2-3 cups per day to help wellbeing and healing
• Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties and so is good for pain relief.
• Lab tests have indicated that it could also be useful against dementia
• This blend can also help digestion if drunk after meals

ginger pieces, coriander, cardamom (whole), turmeric roots, cloves, nutmeg.

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Ginger pieces, coriander, cardamom (whole), turmeric roots, cloves, nutmeg.

Brew Time

5-8 Mins


95 c

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Naturally Caffeine Free

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50gm, 100gm, 200gm