Feminist Book Fortnight (FBF)

Feminist Book Fortnight starts on Saturday 4th May and ends on 18th May 2019

FBF is a celebration of feminist and equality books, feminist achievements, women authors and classic books written by women.

During FBF we will be offering books and products online that empower, entertain and enlighten women of all ages. We will have books for young readers to learn about equality and to read about brilliant women in history. We will be reintroducing some awesome classic books written by women, whilst introducing some of the new and upcoming feminist and equality writers. Being a female family run bookshop, Jules (owner) wanted to celebrate FBF and promote female writers (new and old) while providing a space for discussions and learning. Although this event is published as Feminist Book Fortnight, it is an inclusive event for everybody, as we at Woodbridge Emporium welcome literally everyone who wants to join in, because we really do love all our customers, supporters and friends

Make sure you follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram) as we will be posting about FBF everyday during the two week event and will be offering exclusive social media offers to our followers.

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