If you could be any character from a book who would it be?

Drizzt Do’urden from the dungeons and dragons: forgotten realms series. He’s such an enigmatic and worldly character who truly stands as a monumental example of a character growing and changing, showing how even a hero can arise from the darkest and most evil of societies, which I personally find somewhat comforting.

What Astrological sign are you?



  • Books (no duh)
  • Long walks
  • My family
  • Chinese food.


  • Polystyrene (uuuugggh)
  • Spiders Snakes
  • Not having Chinese food

Who is your favourite author?

If forced to narrow it down I’d have to say a toss-up between Sir Terry Pratchett and R.A Salvatore, Sir Terry’s books helped shape me into the man I am today and Salvatore’s Characters taught me how to stay brave and how nothing is ever hopeless.

A surprising fact about yourself.

I once had the honour of meeting Sir Terry Pratchett at a Discworld convention when I was 16, and the man’s words stayed with me forever: “you’re a bit of perculier one you are lad, but I like that, the world would be a bit better if everyone was just a bit more perculier”