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Oh how I love folklore, fairy tales, myths and mysticism!
I was surrounded by lots of story tellers when I was a child and they fed my imagination, so much so, that my invisible friend was a Unicorn (seriously!)

Jules says

The recommended books in the ‘Reading with Jules’ section are ones I have read over the years that I love. You must read these if you haven’t already. Check out the ‘Just Landed’ section for the recently published books and my golden oldies that I think you all should read or revisit are in ‘Forgotten Delights’
Folklore, Myths and Fairy tales are passed down from generation to generation and we must keep these fascinating stories alive. How do we know they were not real adventures once upon a time!!
Don’t forget we have lots of other books of this genre available on our main website. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my recommendations.

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